Wanna jump start your skills to the max. Let Pride of Alabama improve your skills to be superior to the rest of the competition. Our Cheernastics classes are 55 minute classes. We purposefully have a very low ratio of athletes that we allow per staff member to improve progression at a more productive pace. During the hour(s) of training at Pride of Alabama your child will be encouraged and motivated with STAFF members that love what they do. With direction, encouragement, and motivation we believe that every child can tumble.

Each Class is 55 minutes. The breakdown of skills (listed below) will help you determine where your child would benefit the most.


A place for little ones aged 3-5 years with lots of extra energy to learn to jump, climb, tumble and soar through the air just like their favorite superhero in a safe fun environment with state of the art equipment and elite cheernastics coaches. They'll learn strength, balance, agility, coordination and social development with multiple-sport benefits.

Level 1

Level 1 brings you back to the basics of all gymnastic skills. This will improve your form in more advanced tumbling as well as work on flexibility. You should take level 1 if you have never tumbled before, or are still a beginner. This level teaches forward and back ward rolls, cartwheels, round offs, handstands, bridge kick overs and front and back walkovers.

Level 2

Level 2 starts to focus on the next skill progressions up from level 1. You should take level 2 if you have been in a tumbling class before and are able to perform the skills listed in level 1. This class will start from back and front walkovers, standing back handsprings and then start linking round off to back handsprings.

Level 3

Level 3 focuses on advanced tumbling and linking skills together for strong tumbling passes. You should take level 3 if you can perform the skills in level 1 and 2. You will also need to perform a standing and round off back handspring without a spot. This class will begin with multiple back handsprings, teaching round off back handspring tucks, aerials, front punches and combination passes.

Level 4 

Level 4 focuses on advanced tumbling and linking more difficult passes together. You should take level 4 if you can perform standing multiple back handsprings, round off multiple back handsprings into a tuck without a spot. This class will start teaching standing back tuck, back handspring back tuck, layouts and whips.

Level 5

Level 5 focuses on twisting skills. You should take level 5 if you can perform the skills in level 4. This class will start teaching halfs, fulls, whip to full and doubles.